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Why is domain registration required?

When you build a website, you want visitors to come and see what you’ve done. To get them there, you need a unique domain name that connects to your sites servers. Domain name registration is required to ensure that no one else can claim ownership of your web site’s address and to make finding your website easy.

How does domain registration work?

Think of the name you want to register. The answer is typically your company or website name. It is best to keep your domain name short and easy to understand. Say it out loud, and make sure it sounds great. Next, search to see if it is available. If the name you desire is taken with the .com top-level domain, there are hundreds of others available. Finally, add the top choices to your cart and complete the domain registration.

What domains are available from

At, you can register brand new domain names using hundreds of popular TLDs. In our Marketplace, you will find thousands of domain names that have already been registered but are now for sale. While .com domains are available, of course, you’ll also see options using .net, .biz, .business and many more.

How do I pick a domain name?

So you’ve discovered that simply Googling ‘register website domain’ and finding a great provider isn’t the whole story. You also need to consider which domain extension to pick, and which name to register. Your domain name should reflect your overall branding, and should be easy to remember and input.

Make your website stand out with the perfect domain name

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If you’re looking at purchasing a domain, you’re in the right place. The first step is a domain name search for the best one that isn’t in already taken. A .com domain is usually the most popular choice, but if you find that version of your domain is unavailable, don’t worry. There are lots of other domain extensions (the letters right of the dot) you can use for some pretty cool combinations.

This page is all about helping your find a domain name, domains and domain name registration. A large part of what we do as an Internet services company or a digital company is about getting your professional services or products to market and this all starts with the perfect domain name.

People looking for our website will often search for phrases like domain name Cape Town, domain name Johannesburg, domains Durban, domain name Pretoria or even domain name Bloemfontein. We offer various domains, such as .com domains, .net domains, .business domains and .zone domains.

If you’re looking for great ideas for website names, type a keyword or phrase into the search bar and let us suggest some names for you. Picking a good domain name really helps people find you and we can also provide branded email for your domain. If you want to create a website for your domain or host a website for your domain, we offer a various hosting options.
Let us help you find your prefect domain name. Feel free to contact us directly or book an online appointment with one of our consultants to check out our domain name service and digital marketing solutions.